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Yarn – let your creativity loose

Today it is easier than ever to buy ready-made sweaters.  Mass-produced knitwear is readily available, and while this is convenient and can be comfortable, there is something much more personal and pleasurable about self-made clothing.  For example, you could delight your grandchild with a sweet and personal gift in the form of a homemade sweater, a couple of cute crocheted animals or a knitted scarf in their favourite colours.

You may also have great ideas for a lovely warm hat and mittens for the winter months.  Knitting yarn can be used for a world of clothing projects – the only limit is your imagination.  Of course, yarn can be used for clothing, but it can also be used for home décor.  If the sofa needs a refresh, you can knit or crochet some nice new covers or a throw, or a blanket for cosy evenings in front of the TV.  On this page you will find an excellent selection of the best yarn.  You don’t need to delay – buy yarn for your creative project today.

Good to know before you buy

Before starting to look for the ideal yarn for your new creative project, it’s a good idea to find out which kind of yarn is best suited to what you have in mind.  Do you need cotton yarn, wool, acrylic, or is thick yarn better for your knitting or crochet project?  It’s a good idea to start by considering which yarn is the most useful for your particular new creative project.

Therefore, you should consider many factors such as the ideal machine-washing temperature of your yarn and whether it can be ironed.  This varies greatly from yarn to yarn, and there is also a significant difference in how it feels on the skin.

You also need the right equipment for your project.  On our website, beneath each product you can read which knitting needle or crochet hook is the right one for that particular yarn.  On this page you will find a wide selection of yarns made from all types of materials.  So, whether you are looking for thick or thin yarn, or something in between, you will find it right here.  We also have a large selection of different textures and colours to help you find just the right type of yarn online.

Naturally, as yarn and fabric specialists, we also have accessories and equipment if you are looking for the right crochet hook or needle.  So, start on your project today by buying yarn online at the best price.

Different types of yarn at STOFF & STIL

On this page you will find a huge variety of quality yarns in many different types and colours.  We have everything ranging from black, white, blue and red to different shades of green, grey and some of them are even mixed colours.  This allows you to combine different yarns for your project and thus create something totally unique.  Our yarn is available in many different qualities.  You can get yarn made from merino wool, lambswool, organic wool, mohair, cotton and many other kinds.  Each different yarn has its own distinct and special features.  In comparison to ordinary wool, for example, merino wool is softer and finer and gives a completely different, silkier texture to your clothes.

Merino wool is also softer on the skin and you will not experience the same “scratchiness” as with regular wool.  Lambswool is particularly soft and of a fine quality which keeps your body warm and comfortable without irritating the skin.  Mohair is one of the most luxurious types of wool.  It is almost glossy, and has elastic properties, with tremendous durability.  It is very lightweight, but still as warm and usable as other types of wool.  Cotton yarn is a more common type of yarn, and therefore the most widely used.  This type of yarn is ideal for both warm winter sweaters and lighter summery clothes, and yet also one of the types of yarn that can withstand the temperature of the cooking stove, when used for an oven glove for example.  For this reason, it is extremely practical, especially for children’s wear.

Buy right here on this page

Choose your favourite yarn and get started with your knitting project.  STOFF & STIL would like to welcome you into their world of creative knitting.  Personalise your style and décor with homemade things, or surprise someone you love with a new version of their favourite sweater.  With our vast range of yarns, there is no limit to what can be achieved.  We look forward to receiving your order.