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Here at STOFF & STIL you will find a wide selection of knitting patterns and crochet patterns, which can serve as inspiration for your future crochet and knitting projects. How about knitting or crocheting a toy animal or a lovely and decorative cushion for the sofa? You can also get inspiration for new wardrobe items matching the season – maybe a lovely crochet cardigan or warm socks will be just what you need for the cold winter?

With these beautiful knitting and crochet patterns you can surprise friends and family or treat yourself with a lovely gift. At STOFF & STIL you can buy all the materials that you need for your next knitting or crochet project. We have yarn for all kinds of projects - both for knitting and crocheting.

You will find cotton, wool and soft comforting alpaca wool. We have a wide range of knitting needles and crochet hooks. We also have a wide range of buttons, which can be both functional and very decorative on clothing and interior.

At STOFF & STIL you have the possibility to make your own mood boards, where you can collect the materials you need for a specific project. It’s easy and smart and a good way to visualize your projects and make sure that you have not forgotten any of the materials you will need to make your dream project come true.

All knitting and crochet patterns are easy to use. We have patterns for both newbies and more experienced creatives. You will not find the patterns anywhere else – they are unique and will only be found here at STOFF & STIL.

At STOFF & STIL we deliver in 5-7 days and we are always ready to help you find a good pattern for your next project. Please feel free to contact us at nay time regarding our products.