The everyday has turned upside down for most of us in these times, and we have to be extra careful around each other. Therefore, in STOFF & STIL we have taken a lot of initiatives to follow the Public Health’s recommendations which we all the time are monitoring closely. It must be safe for you to shop at us – and safe for our employees to work.


At our main office in Herning, Denmark, our webshop and a handful of other departments are being housed. Here, we ensure: it is being cleaned more times a day, that all employees are keeping a good hand hygiene and distance toward each other, and that everyone that can work from home, are working from home.

In particular for our webshop, following initiatives are taken:

  • Our employees are washing and spiriting their working areas and tools more times a day and when changing of employee
  • Employees, working with small articles, are not allowed to pass each other face-to-face – but must pass back towards back
  • If two employees are closer than two meters, at least one of them must wear a face mask
  • Max 3 webshop-employees can visit our canteen a time, and eat arranged plates with distance to each other

At the moment, we are experiencing a great busyness in our webshop, and unfortunately our delivery times are longer than usual. Our hardworking team is doing a great effort to get all orders shipped off as soon as possible, so our customers can get started with their creative projects.

Order your articles safely in the webshop – we are delivering within 5 – 11 weekdays.